Nexxus Partners empowers individuals and communities through the mainstream adoption and use of cryptocurrency.

Taking Cryptocurrencies to Communities Worldwide

Nexxus Expertise/Leadership

The Nexxus executive management team has a unique combination of many fields of expertise aiding in the successful design, development and implementation of the Nexxus solutions.


The technology staff of Nexxus has over 60 years of disciplined corporate experience in all aspects of information technology including operating system services, business application software development and data center operations, maintenance and security.

Nexxus Partner’s software applications are built on the same enterprise quality n-tier architecture as the largest companies in the world. All Nexxus Partners software is owned and controlled internally by the Nexxus technology team for maximum responsiveness to changing business requirements.


Nexxus technologists have been intimately involved in the development of several cryptocurrencies and have been immersed in the cryptocurrency phenomenon at a technical and business level for several years. Nexxus prospered through the wild-wild-west frontier stage of cryptocurrency while working closely with many industry experts and international hackers.


Several Nexxus executives founded and worked closely with, a $200M e-commerce platform for small businesses to sell their products and services on the Internet at the dawn of e- commerce.

Direct Sales

Many Nexxus executives have decades of experience in the direct sales industry as presidents, CTOs, marketers, sales representatives, technologists and consultants, including technology and business consulting services provided by the Pinnacle Institute since 2004 for over 30 sales organizations employing independent direct sales strategies.

Loyalty Marketing

Nexxus executives have several years of experience in the loyalty marketing space for multiple clients and provided consulting services for an international German-based loyalty company with over 100,000 sales agents.

Nexxus Leadership

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